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Holy Land Artisans

Contact Information & Our Gallery of Friends

The Christians of the Holy Land desperately need to know that they have not been forgotten by their fellow Christians here in the West.  They need not only our affirmation but our help.  It is my hope that this ministry will provide both employment and income to those in desperate need and in doing so help educate others as to the plight of Christians in the Middle East. 

Raymond, Lissa, Abuna Issa and George Sa'adeh, Headmaster at the Greek Orthodox School Beit Sahour

Helping our Christian friends in the Holy Land is the reason why this ministry was started.  On this page you will find a few of our friends from the Galilee, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, Taybeh, Zababdeh and Jerusalem.  They come from many different professions, but each in their own way is trying to help the Christian community and working for peace with justice.

Raymond and I with Fr Ra'ed Abusahlia in Taybeh

Sr Bernadette, Salam, Natalie and I - Jerusalem August 05

Br. Jack Curran, Professor Elias Hazin and I at Bethlehem University

Me, George Nimir and Numir Rishmawi - Beit Sahour August 05

Abuna Frias of St Geroge's Church - Zababdeh and his son - April 07

Me and Diane Roe, CPT - Hebron

Raymond and Archbishop Elias Chacour

Janet Lewis - UM Liaison to Jerusalem, me & Gloria Delaplain UMIVIM - Ibillin, Israel

Maria Khoury & I - Taybeh August 05

Shepherd's Field Methodist Kindergarten April 2004

Lissa, Rev. Sandra Olewine, UM Laision to Jerusalem, and George Qassis in Beit Jala 2002

Elias Ghareeb and I - Hebron April 05

Eating Kanafah in Jerusalem with Suzan, Luna and Salam

Christian Peacemaker Donna Hicks, Hebron March 2006

Dr. Majed Nasser and I - Beit Sahour

Lissa Caldwell
20 Lodge Lane
Waynesville, NC 28786
 828-452-5961 or 828-734-8110