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Peace Lamps - Taybeh

Peace Lamps in the Holy Land - Calling all people around the world to pray for peace in the Holy Land.
"Our goal is to place a "Peace Lamp" in every single church in the world and to unite as many Christians and people of faith as possible in a common prayer for peace in the Holy Land." Fr Raed Abusahlia


The first time I went to Taybeh I was very taken with Abuna (Father) Raed and what he was trying to accomplish.  He does not dream small nor does he underestimate the power of God.  For the last few years we have been working in partnership with Fr. Raed to promote the Peace Lamp Initiative here in the United States and Canada.  Why not put a peace lamp in your church or home????

Olive Branch Workshop - Taybeh

Fr. Ra’ed has worked tirelessly to help stem the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land.   Since coming to Taybeh he has created opportunities for young people to entice them to stay and raise their families in the village. 

The Peace Lamp initiative was launched in Taybeh in 2004 by Fr. Raed Abusahlia, the village priest, both as a means to unite the world in prayer for the Holy Land and to create employment for young people in the village.  He has worked very hard to save the status of Taybeh as the very last totally Christian village remaining in the Holy Land.

Peace Lamp on the altar in the church at Taybeh

Peace Lamps can now be found on the altars of St Peter's in Rome, Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, St Catherine's in Bethlehem, and thousands of churches throughout the world.  We would like to put one in your church too!

Making the lamps


To order Peace Lamps go to  "Order Peace Lamps"